It is on the lands of the chairs that the house of Noëlle and Renard was erected in the 70s..
The "Jas Renard" is a family home located in the town of Barroux since the 70s,
This house was the culmination of a lifetime of hard work for Noëlle and Hubert built in the middle of their land, source of satisfaction and pride.
Hubert, a young farmer, left a small piece of land very modestly, but he developed the farm to make a family live and prosper.
Farm animals have been omnipresent in their lives: hens, pigeons but also dogs, for hunting and sacro healthy truffle digging.
Skilful with his hands Hubert, hunter inveterate and cunning, so Provencal in the soul that he could have inspired Marcel Pagnol for a novel.
a family name in 2 syllables that ended with "nard", and a passion for hunting overflowing, it did not need more for the local population to call him the Renard (Fox).
The Renard (Fox) was generous and willingly shared this art of living, the after-hunts where the game cooked wonderfully by Noëlle was an integral part of family meals.

Thus was born "Jas Reinard", the lodging of the fox in Provençal, "O fasin bon vivro" (home sweet).
the East facade before
the East facade after
North parking before
North parking after
vegetable garden before
Vegetable garden after
terrace and its front porch before
terrace and its front porch after